Donald Trump back in office after Walter Reed hospital admission

Donald Trump back in office after Walter Reed hospital admission

President Donald Trump was reported back at the White House well and healthy, after a Covid-19 infection.

Melania Trump, whose symptoms are milder than the President, remained at the White House, as the President was flown to Walter Reed hospital.

Trump was seen walking onto a helicopter outside the White House on Friday evening to be taken to Walter Reed.

Dr. Sean Conley said Trump has been "fever-free for 24 hours" after a mild cough, nasal congestion, and fatigue on Thursday. In a statement put out by the White House on behalf of Conley on Saturday afternoon, the doctor clarified his earlier remarks to the press after raising new questions about when Trump tested positive for COVID-19.

The Washington Post reported that about 150 people were at an event at the White house. Many of the attendees reported infected attended a White House event where Trump was announcing his nominee to the US Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, on September 26.

From Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Conley studied at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he graduated as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 2006.

He completed the emergency medicine residency program at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in 2013, where he earned several awards. He later served as an emergency physician in Afghanistan.

In 2014, Dr. Sean Conley's unit was awarded a commendation for saving the lives of several Romanian soldiers who were injured by an improvised explosive device.

Conley repeatedly said Trump was not on oxygen Saturday but did not answer several questions about whether he had received it at any point previously. White House officials declined to answer questions from USA TODAY about whether oxygen was administered.

Conley also told reporters that Trump was "just 72 hours into the diagnosis now," a statement that may have contradicted the White House's official announcement of when Trump tested positive for COVID-19.