Fayez al-Serraj distances himself from what is about to unfold

(LibyaNN)- The UN-backed PM of Libya distances himself from Misrata GNA ministers Bashagha and Maiteeq as opposing forces military build up rises again and history may repeat itself.

Divisions within the GNA could lead to yet another hurdle for the Libyan people and the international community.

Serraj declined an invitation to meet in France with Macron as he continues to accuse France of supporting General Haftar.

The GNA continues to pressure France by saying it would sever any "bilateral security agreements" with Paris as a result.

France has denied allegations of "relentless backing" for the general, whose Libyan National Army (LNA) says they aim to restore security in the country.

Mr. Serraj demands General Haftar be held to account for the "savagery and barbarism" of his forces and has issued a warrant for his arrest. He warned that the Islamic State group - which was driven from its Libyan stronghold in 2016 - could try to exploit the chaos caused by General Haftar's forces.

Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya UNSMIL Stephanie Willams states, "We are witnessing a massive upbuild up on both sides.

And while the rest of the world adjusts to life with the novel coronavirus, Libyans have dealt with almost constant bombardment and frequent water and electricity outages".