Turkey defense chief visits Libya Presidential council members of Government of National Accord

Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, together with top military officials on Sunday, visited Libya and met with all Presidential Council members of the Government of National Accord.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan "is uncomfortable" with the Libyan officials' visits to France and Egypt and that it could "affect" the officials' future stances.

Akar said the armed forces that discharge duties for the security of 83 million people in Turkey also do their best to contribute to all friendly countries' security.

Sources close to those involved said that many ministers in Libya's Government of National Accord take Erdogan's side on the Libyan issue.

They stressed that what has happened will not change the reality on the ground.

During his meeting, the Turkish defense minister suggested that France and Egypt are attempting to push Turkey out of the Libyan issue.

Libya's deputy prime minister said last Tuesday that Turkey was the only nation that stood with his country during difficult times and he is thankful for it.

"We called on our partners to support the legitimate government of Libya. Turkey responded favorably.

Only Turkey was next to us in the international arena that we found supporting the legitimate government. We are grateful to have it standing with us," Maiteeq stated.