Mike Pompeo Does A Royal Chuck Norris Effect on Turkey

(LibyaNN)- Turkey’s behavior and course were outed by several foreign ministers but specifically by U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, stating that it is no longer a positive sign for the alliance’s future.

EU leaders elected today to serve up a list of Turkish targets for sanctions in response to Ankara's prospecting for gas in Greek and Cypriot waters.

"The council adopted sanctions in the face of Turkey's 'unilateral actions and provocations,'" French minister for European affairs Clement Beaune tweeted, citing the conclusions agreed by the bloc's 27 leaders.

A diplomat told AFP the sanctions would target individuals and that further measures would be imposed "if Turkey pursues its actions."

The conclusions, released by a European Council spokesman, called for a list to be drawn up of targets for "restrictive measures."

The leaders mandated chief EU diplomat Josep Borrell to prepare a report on more measures that could be taken to "exand the scope" of the action, to be submitted by next March.

"Turkey has engaged in unilateral actions and provocations and escalated its rhetoric against the EU, EU Member States, and European leaders," the leaders said.

A virtual conference to discuss how NATO should adapt for 2030 shifted into a fiery showdown among several foreign ministers with the Turkish delegation.

Last week, angered Libyans demand end to the "death of Libya" after Government of National Accord Presidential Deputy Prime Minister bluntly layed it flat out to the European Union in a Rome interview, "Turkey is the only deserving country in Libya. They are the only ones whom stood by the GNA during our fight against Haftar. Unlike U.S., UK, and the European Union that failed to provide us with any support."

According to sources in Libya, an agreement was reached between Turkey and Moscow last week to release the Russian citizens in the hope of Turkey getting much-needed support from the Russians to teeter out of the imminent U.S.-EU sanctions.

The news of the Russian prisoners release comes after a virtual conference that convened last week to discuss how NATO should adapt for 2030, that shifted into a fiery showdown among several foreign ministers with the Turkish delegation.

Last week, acting Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Stephanie Williams Williams, said that foreigners in Libya are not guests, they occupy Libyans' homes and are the cause for the flow of weapons.

Stephanie Williams confirmed that the allegations and said they have been referred to the UN Panel of Experts for investigation.

A member of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Al-Abani, said that the race was burning for the Presidential Council while the country is awash with Syrian mercenaries from the same people who are trying to grab another session in office.

Former member of the Transitional Council, Abdul Razzaq Al-Aradi, filed a complaint with the Attorney General against Presidency Council members of the Government of National Accord, PM Fayez Al-Sarraj, Deputy Minister Ahmed Maitieeq, Abdul Salam KaJman, Finance minister Faraj Bumatari, and the head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanallah.

According to the translated text published, Al-Aradi stated, "I submit this complaint in the hope that it will contribute to remedy an imminent danger of an injustice to Libyans and Libya as a nation; And remind the Attorney General and the Prosecutors office that it is entrusted to protect Libyan's and the nation.

All of the named were entrusted under the law they swore oath to and are equal in their responsibilities, collectively; to preserve and protect the public's rights and livelihood. Abstaining or not agreeing on any decision that was undertaken by the Presidential council does not absolve any of the members under the law."