Libya Presidential council members unanimously call for Syrian-Turk military boots in Libya be extended by 18 months

(LibyaNN)- The Turkish Parliament met on a Saturday and approved Libya's Presidential Council members of the Government of National Accord request for Turkish-Syrian forces to stay in Libya.

The GNA-Turkish approved memorandum requested the extension of the Turkish-Syrian boots' in Libya for another 18 months. 

This latest developments from the Libyan Presidential council members of the Government of National Accord, comes contrary to the ceasefire touted by all sides in October in Geneva and after mediation led by Ms. Williams of the UN mission in Libya. 

Provisions in October 2020, called for the withdrawal of all military units and armed groups from the frontlines, and the departure of mercenaries and foreign fighters from the country.

International observers further reported rampant complicity of Libyan government officials involved in human trafficking and migrant smuggling operations, including Libyan Coast Guard officials, immigration officers, security officials, Ministry of Defense (MOD) officials, members of armed groups formally integrated into state institutions.

A complaint was filed with the Attorney General last week by former National Transitional council member Al-Aradi against Presidency Council members of the Government of National Accord, PM Fayez Al-Sarraj, Deputy Minister Ahmed Maitieeq, Abdul Salam KaJman, Finance minister Faraj Bumatari, and the head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanallah.

According to the translated text published, Al-Aradi stated, "I submit this complaint in the hope that it will contribute to remedy an imminent danger of an injustice to Libyans and Libya as a nation; And remind the Attorney General and the Prosecutors office that it is entrusted to protect Libyan's and the nation. All of the named were entrusted under the law they swore oath to and are equal in their responsibilities, collectively; to preserve and protect the public's rights and livelihood".