Ziad Takieddine-Sarkozy did not receive money and there was no financing of French presidential campaign

(LibyaNN)- On Wednesday, Ziad Takieddine finally reversed course, telling BFM television from Lebanon: “It’s not true. Mr. Sarkozy did not receive financing ... there was no financing of Sarkozy’s presidential campaign.”

For more than ten years, a very strange respondent, under investigation for aiding and abetting bribery and control peddling, insisted that he delivered over €5m from the Tripoli regime to Sarkozy between the end of 2006 and early 2007. 

Sarkozy was charged with conspiracy last week, with “passive bribery, illicit funding of an electoral campaign and concealment of embezzlement of Libyan public funds”.

With no tangible confirmation was found up to date, and Takieddine being convicted of defamation last February, and the Algerian-French businessman who is purportedly the engineer of the complicated financial schemes and who was suggested to be the cover of the the assumed event, admitted that “That’s an invention and a machination".

Sarkozy released a statement late Wednesday on social networks saying: “The truth is emerging at last ... he never gave me money, there was never illegal financing of my 2007 campaign". Adding, he was a victim of “hate, mudslinging, mediocrity and slander”.