Dog whistling Deputy Minister tossed loyalty in failed bid to snatch Prime Minister seat

(LibyaNN)- Deputy Minister Ahmed Maiteeq found himself quietly receding on his long-envisioned game-changing political attacks after a fierce dog-whistling power snatch campaign against Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj failed. 

In an interview with The Arab Weekly, the Deputy declined to comment on the Presidential council's decision to suspend him.

The Deputy tried to seemingly minimize the division and the decision to suspend him with an in-cohesive reply that stated "the principle of the state's political leadership and the military leadership is firmly entrenched in us, and there is a separation between the two leaderships with the military one depending on the political one."

The Deputy has been publicly mocked in Libya as "Mr. Nobody" after he had leaked an unsigned document on his Twitter account (on August 18, 2020) that pushed off a narrative that he had cut a deal with General Khalifa Haftar to lift the oil blockade.

Many saw the Deputy's aim to take personal credit for other peoples' work as distasteful.

Hard-pressed on the Deputy's self-proclaimed success in initiating and concluding an oil deal and lifting the oil blockade agreement, UNSMIL Stephanie Williams said that the UN mission was not aware of a Deputy and Khalifa Haftar agreement. 

General Haftar also did not seemingly see the Deputy's claim to be worthy of commenting on.

In February of 2020, a leading American Lobbyist firm in Washington DC, abruptly chose to deregister from representing 'The Office of the Deputy Minister Ahmed Maiteeq of the Government of National Accord.'

In June 2020, Noman Ben Othman, President of The Quilliam Foundation, called on the Deputy Minister to stop his foolishness after the Minister purportedly retained a Public Relations firm in Germany to help promote his image as the top heel replacement for the position of Prime Minister Serraj. 

Mr. Ben Otman criticized the Deputy on his weekly televised political program, exclaiming, "You retained a German company to campaign for you take your boss's position while you are working for the man?! What is wrong with you!?".

In July of 2020, an apparent signed circular from Prime Minister Serraj was issued that suspended all signature authority previously vested to the Deputy Minister.

Media outlet "Qpost," in August of 2020, published its investigative report that further confirmed Mr. Maiteeq's dog-whistling campaign against his boss while on duty as his Deputy.

The story reported an in-cohesive aggressive Deputy Maiteeq showering allegations of corruption against the Prime Minister.

Libyan lawmakers and foreign critics were dumbfounded with Deputy Maiteeq's allegations and could not understand or make sense of how Maiteeq would be able to accuse the Prime Minister of corruption, and yet at the same time, not implicate himself as well.

The law requires that the Presidential council's mandating of any order or decision would have Deputy Maiteeq, among other members, review, vote on, and sign-off on.

The Skhirat agreement had been crafted to entrust and hold all members (of the Presidential Council) accountable in their capacities, collectively; Thus, to preserve and protect the public's rights and livelihood.

Critics say that Maiteeq's attempt to the notion of agreeing by avoiding and or not settling on any decision undertaken by the Presidential council would not absolve him or any of the council members under the law.

The report centered on Maiteeq's concern about the populous's discontent on Erdogan's aggressive presence in Libya, to which (he), the Deputy, among the other members of the Presidential Council, had actioned for collectively. 

Enforcing foreign fighters to leave Libya will not prove easy. The Turkish will not kindly be asked to leave by any country and, more insultingly, by any of the Presidential council members all signed off on.

As if that was not enough, the Deputy went further to issue a letter calling for the investigation into Interior Minister Fathi Bahsgaha. Further finger-pointing and word bashing of corruption accusations ensued between the two that further fractured the foundation of the Skhirat agreement of 2015.

Questions on the authenticity of a 500 Million USD personal asset disclosure that Mr. Maiteeq had filed before taking office have come back to haunt the Deputy and land him into hot water.

Unless the Deputy Minister can provide factual details of the accusations (which would place him also as culprit) and provide his audited forensic financials to back up his assets disclosure filing before taking duty, it could prove to be the teetering off the cliff and into the abyss for the Deputy.

At its inception in Skhirat in 2015, the UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) was supposed to end the institutional and political disputes.

Instead, the platform has since become a sub-standard version of the highly acclaimed 2000 film, SNATCH, written and directed by top brilliant, Guy Ritchie.

Except in this Libyan low budget movie, jejune and ugly political power players in snatching ambits routed the country and its people into utter chaos.

The country saw more than 278,000 people and families that became displaced.

Shocking modern-era slavery; imported Islamic trained and backed Syrian mercenaries fighting civil wars for other nations, money laundering, corruption, illicit oil selling and weapons trafficking, no essential public utilities such as water and electricity, and more than half a billion USD spent with nothing to show for; is the easiest catastrophic story the Presidential council members can truly sell.