A look back at Libya's Skhirat Agreement of 2015




At this critical juncture in Libya's history, representatives from throughout the country came together to negotiate this agreement, which represents a unique opportunity to both address the immediate suffering of the Libyan people and build a democratic civil state through national consensus. In doing so they have demonstrated their commitment, as true leaders, to place the Libyan people and Libyan State above narrow self-interests and readiness to take difficult decision for the sake of Libya.

The dialogue's political track included key players in the Libyan democratization process. The members of the House of Representatives, chosen in a free and fair election that was organized under and recognized by the General National Congress, have a responsibility to respect the democratic rights of the voters and represent their constituencies. The General National Congress managed the transitional process for more than two years. The National Transitional Council led the country through the earliest stages of the transition. Members from all these three legislative bodies made very important contributions to the dialogue process and to the conclusion of this agreement. Other independent stakeholders participated as well. The armed groups, municipal councils, political parties, tribal leaders, and women's organizations contributed to other elements of the dialogue to promote a genuine and stable reconciliation.................


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