Libyan Foreign Minister in absurd ranting letter insinuates French President of being an Imbecile

(LibyaNN)-  Libya's Foreign Minister failed to maintain proper diplomatic footing after he issued a statement ranting of an absurd comparison of the Irish Republic Army and the Uganda God Fighters as a key argument to insinuate French President Macron of being an imbecile.

Critics in Libya say the Libyan Foreign Minister is clearly out of his league within the scheme of his job description by not maintaining cool diplomacy. Regardless of how difficult an issue might be for people, it is paramount to maintain high skills or the minimum standards in the management of public affairs within the international community 

On Libya News Network weekly podcast, guest and commentator Billy Ray took a moment to put things in perspective."This Foreign Minister, or whatever he calls himself, didn't even have an inkling of decency to take a moment to address the emotions of the bereaved before he just upended jumping in the deep end of the pool, without his shorts on". France appealed for foreign governments to bring down “radical minorities” for inciting boycotts of French products after Emmanuel Macron’s public backing of Prophet Muhammad caricatures.

European leaders rallied behind President Macron after Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said “Macron needs treatment on a mental level". German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s spokesman Steffen Seibert struck back by saying “The defamatory comments are completely unacceptable, particularly against the backdrop of the horrific murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty, by an Islamist fanatic”. 

Abdullah Anzorov, 18, a Russian-born Chechen in Évreux, Normandy, and became radicalized of his own, was shot and killed after he tragically beheaded a school teacher 10 days ago for her showing the class images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad alongside other caricatures and cartoons of different subjects as part of a discussion on free speech, but after inviting any pupils who might be offended to look away.