MDouglas - MArthur Entertainment reaches agreement on Libya docu-drama series distribution

(LibyaNN)- MDouglas/MArthur Entertainment to distribute its 13 episodes "Law & Ordure," The State Of Libya, in the U.S., Mexico, and four selected European countries.

The series is based on true events and is scripted and depicted meets fiction genre.

With bargain-basement political ambitions, greed, and inferior power struggles, this copious doc-u-drama aims to captivate and capture the tribulation of human disparaging stewed in a tragedy of inordinate proportion.

The fight and flight for money and fallacious perceptions of power steeped and stewed in a whirlwind of disorganized crime syndicates openly lurking inside the corridors of its governing halls and institutions.

MDouglas/MArthur Entertainment ( is an independent film and motion picture production company.

A multi-media platform entertainment production company, MDouglas/MArthur Entertainment delivers both digital and traditional media with content that covers various formats and genres, including crime thrillers, biographical stories, and real-life documentaries, and documentary series dramas.