Grand Cleric Sadeq El Gheryani banned from entering Britain openly challenges UNSMIL-calls on Libya militia group Volcano of Rage Operation to prepare for war

Article by: Ali El lamlam

(LibyaNN)- Democracy and the rule of law are supposed to preserve and promote the individual's dignity and the prorated right to social justice and socio-economic development opportunities, thus strengthening society's bond and enhancing national tranquillity. 

Leading Cleric Sadeq El Gheryani is instigating disturbance and stimulating his followers to challenge the UN mission in Libya.

In a televised speech on Wednesday, Cleric Sadeq El Gheryani told his believers, "The UN mission envoy in Libya (UNSMIL) has turned into a ruler instead of being a supervisor."

Adding, "This will lead to a repeat of the Skhirat dialogue that will lead to calamitous results." He is openly calling on the Libya militia group Volcano of Rage Operation to prepare for "the war that is being plotted against them."

In 2014, the British government banned Cleric Sadeq El Gheryani and his son for 'inciting Islamic radicalization and insurgency' while in the United Kingdom. The U.K. finally banned both from the country. 

In a video that was broadcasted on Al-Tanasuh TV (Libya) on April 15, 2020, the Mufti said, “If blowing up oneself while carrying out a suicide operation unnerves the enemy and results in his crushing defeat, then it is permitted by the Sharia law. Even Prophet Muhammad’s associates hurled themselves from walls. They gave up their life in order to weaken the enemy.”

The sudden radical-Islamist billowing in Libya and its domestic politics can be attributed to Libya Grand Mufti's very implied actions and behaviors that further radicalize and feed on the vulnerable. 

Getting both eastern and western to a gathering proved well-orchestrated, but the task is twice as hard now for UNSMIL in keeping the aggression from reigniting again.

The disbanding of armed militias is among the conditions for the ceasefire that was agreed upon and foreign intrusion is in no hurry to see a resolution in Libya.