Libya bestial gang outing of victims that don’t pay

Libya bestial gang outing of victims that don’t pay

(LibyaNN)- Libyan entrepreneur and businessman, Khalifa Gargoum, was reportedly attacked and kidnapped, on October 7, by masked gunmen in vehicles that mirror those belonging to the state, Twitter sources report.

Libyans are tired of continually waking and retiring in a state of fear and vigilance.

There is no longer a possible distinction between a pure extortion racket or a broad protection racket.

It has become an indiscernible practice that is witnessed by Libyan citizens inside and outside the country.

Victims see that the Libyan government and its politicians are not providing any assistance on extortions that lead to kidnappings and torture from the masked groups who operate in the capitals openly and freely with impunity.

"Victims protest in an outcry to impotent politicians that they say are flying around non-stop to meetings in Paris, London, and Rome, with nothing to show.

They are continually speaking to each other about the latest Japanese sushi hotspot, the latest branded chocolates, and the top-rated hotels and restaurants.

All on the state budget, of course", says a close source with direct knowledge. Adding, "The indistinction is a travesty and has become more clear and more evident to the population as being nothing short of a joint criminal venture by politician fellowships."

Prominent Libyan figures living inside and outside Libya have called up a public movement called "The Opposition" to expose corrupt officials out to the public.

Supporters organize the protesting movement underway to dethrone the corrupt officials and hold them accountable for their past misdeeds.