Héctor Olivares Argentina dies after being shot

Héctor Olivares Argentina dies after being shot

An Argentine lawmaker who was shot last Thursday outside the Congress building in the capital, Buenos Aires, has died of his wounds.

Héctor Olivares, 61, was a member of Congress for the governing Cambiemos coalition. Police think the shooting was not politically motivated and that the target was a friend of Mr Olivares', Miguel Marcelo Yadón. The two men were shot at from a car. Six people have been arrested. Mr Yadón, 58, was hit five times and died on the spot.

Mr Olivares was hit by three bullets and died in hospital on Sunday. "Yadón was the murder target. Our hypothesis is that it was a personal attack," Public Safety Minister Patricia Bullrich said.

Local media reported that all those detained allegedly belonged to the same criminal gang. They also said that the motive for the killing may have been an alleged relationship Mr Yadón was having with the daughter of one of the suspects.

Argentine President Mauricio Macri has declared two days of mourning for Mr Olivares, whom he described as a hard-working, popular and upstanding man.