N. Korea Kim shuts down capital says Seoul Intelligence Agency

(LibyaNN)- Reports that North Korea has decreed at least two people killed, forbidden fishing at sea, and secured down the metropolis in a desperate attempt to help diminish the coronavirus's effects on its budgetary collapse.

South Korean National Intelligence Service and lawmakers told reporters that Kim is displaying "extreme hostility" and taking "illogical actions" over the pandemic and its economic impact.

Pyongyang commanded representatives abroad to avoid all actions that could prompt the United States to increase its pressure on North Korea.

In January, the pandemic overpowered North Korea to seal its perimeter with China, its most influential bartering ally and support patron.

The cessation, along with a series of natural disasters over the summer, administered a heavy blow to the North's economy in U.S.-led sanctions.

According to a report by the Korea International Trade Association, trade with China fell more than 70% year-on-year.

By variation, commerce sank 57% following the most nocturnal batch of worldwide embargoes, commanded in 2017.

In a speech at the marking of the 75th anniversary of the country's ruling party, Leader Kim Jong Un took center stage during which, at the massive midnight parade, he began weeping.

Analysts believe that Kim Jong Un has had more severe mental breakdowns.

If not attended to, it would increase the odds of further erratic behavior that could spiral the region into an Armageddon scenario.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a commemorative World War II medal for his role in preserving the memory of Soviet soldiers killed in North Korea.